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So what’s the process? What truly makes us different from other accountancy practices. We believe that it’s the way we work with you, rather than for you, that makes the difference. And, working together, this is how we do it.



The first thing we do is this: Understand you and understand your business. Because when we  know your business and your industry as well you do, that’s when yourFD can really add value. Rather than just add up numbers.



Once we understand, we measure. Something magical happens when we start to measure the right metrics on a regular basis. We see where your success lies. And then set targets to capitalize on what makes you even more successful.



We’ve understood, measured and set metrics and targets. Now, we grow. By identifying what you do best and what makes your business a better business, growth comes naturally. Organically. It’s hard work, but you’re used to that aren’t you?

yourFD talks

Hints and top tips from Sam. Every day business issues dealt with in a clear, jargon free manner…

yourFD talks: Fix your Leaky Bank account

Sam Kellali from YourFD explains how to fix the leak in your bank account and help your cash flow.

yourFD talks: Drivers, not results

This month’s business accounting video hopefully demonstrates the ethos behind the yourFD way of working.

Our Services

The role of a Financial Director within a successful business is crucial. Planning, forecasting, target-setting and growth strategy. All vital in ensuring a company’s financial health and wellbeing. yourFD is just that. Your own Financial Director. At a fraction of the cost of an experienced, full-time FD. This is what makes the yourFD difference. A genuine in-house FD and Compliance professional, combined with the full range of accountancy services that your business needs. All designed to understand, measure and grow your organisation.

Tick all the services you require, we will recommend the best plan for you.

Cashflow Statement

Produced Quarterly. A traditional set of accounts does not necessarily highlight how the cash has been received/spent during the year. This statement drills down to show exactly where your money has gone!

Benchmarking Report

This will clearly show you just how well you’re doing against your competitors, measured against key performance indicators such as:
  • profits
  • sales growth
  • productivity

Goal Setting

Not only does identifying your goals and putting them to paper give you a clearer focus it also gives you a better chance of achieving them. The well-known Harvard study showed that the 3% of graduates with clear written goals earned more than 10 times the remaining 97% combined! Our sessions will highlight your business goals as well creating an action plan to achieve them. “A goal without a plan is just a dream”!

Quarterly Spotlight Reports

Quarterly management reports that give all company shareholders/directors the assurance how the business is performing in an easy to understand format. Click here to see a sample Spotlight Report

Spotlight Sessions

Quarterly spotlight meetings with all directors/shareholders throughout the year to highlight and discuss what really matters. This will include a review of the previous period’s results as well as setting Key Performance Indicators for the following period. If applied correctly, this is guaranteed to help promote business growth.

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i’m yourFD. Sam Kellali

There’s something you should know. We’re not your typical accountants.

We’re not grey (yet). We’re terrible at golf. We certainly don’t charge by the hour, and we talk in a language we can all understand.

That’s because we feel small businesses are crying out for more than the traditional, once a year accountant. They want someone, a real person, who understands their business, what it does, and how it can be better.

And that’s what we do here at yourFD. Helping clients use their financial information to create profitable, efficient and enjoyable businesses.

The thrill of helping to develop and nurture a business; whether it’s a start-up or a more established organisation that needs help getting to the next level, it’s what makes us want to do what we do.

Being passionate about your business is what makes us different. Being accountants gives us the skills to make that difference.

It’s a combination that is both unique and, we believe, successful. Just ask our clients. Will you join us?

We Are TheirFD

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“You always worry about selecting an accountancy practice in a business like ours. On the whole we create and sell ideas and not ‘things’. Along with how to tell a really good joke, that’s something that 99% of accountants don’t understand. They do. They understand our business, the way we work and how to make it better.” Gary Young – Director, CreationADM

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“YourFD have supported our business with practical support and guidance gone above and beyond the services provided by your standard accountancy practice. Realistic, professionally informed and a natural business sense has helped us to maximise profit and allow for future business growth. The accountancy service is second to none, but it’s the tailored advice that really makes them stand out.” Pete Murray – Up North Digital Marketing

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“I’ve been working with yourFD for some time now and I’ve every confidence I made the right choice. When you start a new business things can seem daunting and I couldn’t be happier having them on ‘my side’. Less stress and more simplicity mean more time spent on my company’s growth. More than an accountancy practice, I feel I have an extra colleague I can rely upon.” Reece Culpeper – Operations Director, Bollington Legal Ltd

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“Over the last 12 months, yourFD have developed a real understanding of our business, its specific needs and its goals, playing an integral role as part of our management team. As well as guiding us on the purchase of new premises and expansion plans, they’ve streamlined our management information aiding day-to-day decision processes. We have no hesitation in recommending them.” Andy Hibbert – Director, CPF Installation Limited

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“They not only understand our business, they’ve helped us develop strategies that have contributed to the overall success of our business. We can’t praise them enough for all the help, advice and suggestions they have given us whilst we have grown over the period. With Sam in charge of our accounting, we know all finer details will be taken care of quickly and efficiently. We would highly recommend YourFD to other businesses.” Fiston Hoyi – Director, Risk Couture

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“As a new and rapidly growing business, we felt that we needed a more ‘hands-on’ approach to our accountancy needs. From our very first consultation we felt comfortable that they were the right fit, for us and the business. Their expert people skills and expert knowledge have supported us. And we will continue to support them through our continued business and recommendations.” Lee Pritchard – Director, UKPSN Ltd

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“As a new business, the help and advice we’ve received from yourFD has been critical in the success of our company. A fully transparent service with no surprise bills at the end of the year, their “understand, measure and grow” philosophy has been pivotal in the growth of our business and I’d recommend them to anyone looking for help with the financial management of their business.” Henry Badoo – Director, Blackstar Security Ltd

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